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Can synced lights, a wireless shutter remote and live mode work at the same time on the Canon600D?


I have a pair of synced lights connected through the hot shoe, and I'd like to use live mode and a wireless shutter remote to take self portraits from a distance... is this possible with the Canon600D? (Rebel T3i)

I'm finding that turning on live mode stops the lights from flashing, and even with it off, the lights won't flash if I use the remote to take the photo.

Help would be very appreciated! 



Canon disables third party flash systems when in Live View.  I don't remember the reason for it, but there was one, albeit a crappy one I'm sure.


Some cameras can work around it by going into the custom functions menu and turning off "silent shutter".  Not sure if it works for the 600D or not.  I tried it on my 450D and 6D and couldn't get it to work.  But I don't really shoot in Live View often, so I didn't try too hard.


Elsewise, the only way to do it would be to use either a Canon flash, or the built in flash, to trigger your off-camera flashes - if they have a slave mode.  Or you could buy an 'optical peanut' to add that function.

Did a quick search, I don't think the 600D has the 'silent shutter' option.


But I might be wrong, it might only be manual only flashes that don't fire in Live View, TTL flashes (any brand) may work.  Maybe it has something to do with the mirror being locked up.   Regardless, a wireless trigger will behave the same as a non-TTL flash, so it's not going to work with off camera flash.


However, I think that Magic Lantern has a fix for it.  Might look into that if it's something you need.  That said, I've taken hundreds, probably thousands of photos of myself without Live View.  Just tether to a laptop/tablet and you can see the results after you take the shot; adjust accordingly.

They do have a slave mode, I'll try that. Thank you very much for your help!