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CF card not able to be read


I have a 5DM3 and have not had any issue with it until recently.

I inserted a CF card that I have been using in the past in this camera, and went to format it and the camera told me it cannot be read or formatted. I tried another card, and got the same message.

I looked down into the CF slot in the camera and noticed what looks like a piece of copper wire positioned diagonally from one row of pins to the other about in the middle (from left to right).

I am wondering if this is normal or not supposed to be there and causing my problem.



All of the pins should be pointing UP for the card to press over them. They insert into all those holes on the end of the card. IF YOU'RE LUCKY you may be able to stand it up again without breaking it off.


"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

yes, i realize that the pins should be standing up, but want to be sure that the wire laying diagonal in my camera is in fact a pin that is dislodged, and not something that is meant to be where it is.

Since no one with a 5D3 has yet replied I've taken a very careful look into one of my 1 series bodies and there are 2 rows of pins all standing vertically up towards my eye. There isn't anything else so if you seem to be missing a pin (there weren't any blank spaces) it's likely a bent pin & not something meant to cross connect 2 pins.


"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

I just checked the CF slot of my 5D III and I do NOT see any thing like you have described.  There is no diagonal wire or anything resembling that from one row of pins to the other.

thanks for the help.  as suspected, it looks like a pin has dislogded. first time i have seen this, and somewhat surprising. been using lexar cards since buying the camera a year ago without problems until now.