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Buttons on camera sticking? T4i


Hi there, we have a canon T4i and the AF and WB buttons are sticking and staying pressed into the housing, making the camera nearly unusable cause it'll randomly "activate" those buttons and they will just keep being pressed when we're moving around in menus.


I have a best buy coverage plan for damages so I took it to them and they said they can't fix it and since the t4i is already discontinued they would have to give me the money I spent on the camera and we would have to buy another one. Well the only comparable one is the t5i and is $250 more than what we paid for the t4i. Their "upgrades" are absolutely not worth spending more $$ to get practically the same camera. This is the 135mm kit version.


I asked if Canon would fix it since it is still under 1 year warranty and the best buy guy said that Canon is who repairs their stuff and it immediately declined repair due to "physical damage".


Button sticking is physical damage? What? What should I do?



Good on you for not drinking the Koolaid.  The T5i is an embarrassment for Canon. 


I can’t help on the button issue, but if I were you I’d let them give me my money back (assuming it’s the full amount) and get another camera elsewhere.  If you have to, the T3i is still a very capable camera, however, Canon has refurbished T4i in stock.  They’re straight from Canon with a 1 year warranty.  This is what you'd get if Canon replaced it anyway.


With the 135 kit ($919):


Body Only ($639):


Edit: Best Buy are a bunch of crooks.  Take your money elsewhere.


"What should I do?"


Take the money and run. This certainly not typical Canon. Never, never buy anybodies extended warranty. They all find a way to screw you before any real benefit is paid. When you buy it, you think you are covered. At least that is what you think.


Did you actually damage the camera? Canon will know and can easily tell.


The T5i is not worth very much of a premium over the T4i. Did that T5i have the newer STM lens with it? That may be why it is so much more expensive.


But take the money and go to B&H Photo or Adorama and get yourself another camera.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I spoke with a friend of mine who works for BB and he said go to another store and throw a big fit. Since the cameras are nearly identical in terms of specs, they should give me the t5i without issue. He said bring in the specs with me and prove that it is extremely comparable, and they will trade it. 


The warranty is truthfully the only thing that is helping in this situation. If I didn't have it I wouldn't be offered the money back and I would be stuck with a bum camera and dealing with Canon. The only caveat with it is that I cannot return the camera and buy it elsewhere because it is in-store credit.


I'll update this thread when I go back, hopefully this weekend.


Another option I have is to wait and hope the t5i goes on sale soon, at which point I can get the in-store credit and buy the t5i without issue. I would rather not have to wait though.


The t5i we want is the 135mm kit just like the one on the t4i, I know they upgraded the 55mm kit lens to be quieter when autofocusing but I don't know what changes (if any) were made to the 135mm lens.



You did not respond to this question, "Did you actually damage the camera?"  If you did not, than Canon wil fix it.

Just for quriosity how much extra was the extended warranty?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

It's not really a warranty, it's insurance. It was 69 bucks. If I drop it and break it or drop it in water or whatever, I get the value of the camera back. Otherwise I'd just have a broken camera. It does not include stolen/lost though.


I didn't damage the camera but if button sticking is classified as "damage" then how else would I prove that it wasn't my fault. When it started happening I immediately thought "factory defect" but we'll see. I'm not even sure how a person could make the buttons stick through some sort of damage, how would that even happen?

I think eBiggs point is, even though they tell you that they cover water damage or drop, often times when it comes to getting your money back the companies that issue these extended warranties point out some fine print and/or drag their feet.  So you think you’re covered, up until you find out you’re not. If they’re offering to give you your money back, sometimes it’s best to just take it and run.


That said, it doesn’t hurt to try another Best Buy and try to get a T5i.  As far as the specs go the cameras are identical – unless they included an embossed knob on the specs sheet.  Any way it goes, it’s always nice to hear of a success story with Best Buy’s infamous extended warranties.


And for future use, most major credit card offer buyers protection.  Visa signature, for example, will double the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 18 months.  The Best Buy guys usually fail to mention that when trying to get you to buy their warranty.