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Brand new Canon R8 (Video 'Jitter')


Hey, So I just got a Canon R8, brand new and I am using it with a Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM ART, via a EF-EOS R.

Everything seems to be working fine, pictures are fantastic and quality is great. However when I record footage, it 'jitters' every few seconds. 

I was using a tripod, in Av mode. I had OS turned on at the lens, also using AF.

I am new into videography / photography so I don't know what other settings might be relevant to this topic. Any help or ideas welcome. I have attached a youtube video below for reference.
It starts around the 14s mark and continues for the rest of the 3 min video 



Greetings Tom,

I reviewed your video.  Are you using the lens with a Canon adapter, standard or Control Ring?

Since you were using a tripod, please turn off OS and retake a short clip.

The lenses hasn't had any FW updates since 2018.  If you have a USB Dock, it might be worth checking and updating (if applicable) the firmware. 

Please review the manual Digital Movie IS.

Canon : Product Manual : EOS R8 : Image Stabilizer (IS Mode) (

If turning off OS works, you are probably OK.  If not and the lens FW is current, it might not be 100% compatible with the camera in video mode.

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for the help. It's a Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R
I will check the firmware on the lens and see if that helps.
I will also try turning OS off on the lens to troubleshoot.
Interestingly I found some clips where I had changed to manual focus and the jittering stopped, I wonder if that is important?


Turn off IS (Image Stabilization)/ OS (Optical Stabilization) when on a Tripod or any other stabilization device. What you're seeing is "IS Tug of War" with the AF System. Your lens IS NOT COMPATIBLE with your camera. You can turn off IS to avoid the jitters. If the jitters go away with IS turned off the problem is the lens NOT your camera. You will need to contact Sigma about the problem NOT Canon. Its up to Sigma to ensure compatibility NOT Canon. Canon didn't design so it doesn't know how it works.


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Thanks, but surely I would want to use OS when I do any handheld shots, you are right i don't need it with a tripod. I'll troubleshoot to see what specifically the issue is and yeah, I suppose I should ask Sigma if it is the lens, I just came here first as this is what came to mind.


What focal length was used?

Was Movie Servo AF enabled?  Eye or People tracking enabled? 

If lens OS or Movie digital IS are enabled, then what was the AF system supposed to lock onto?  Almost everything in the frame is far from the camera. One AF point could probably cover both people. 

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