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I got this new camera and I read everything about it. It was working great and now it won’t focus or anything. It’s on auto focus. I tried some filters out and now it won’t take a clear picture. What can I do?

If it is a screw on lens that attaches to the front of a real Canon lens, it is a piece of junk.  It may even damage your good real Canon lens.  Did it come in a 'kit' that had several accessories that are not Canon brand either?  People get duped into buying those because they think they are getting a lot of gear cheap.  Well they do get cheap gear for sure but that's it.

I would stop using it today. Toss it up to an life lesson to be learned from.  If it was from Amazon you might be able to return it.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

There wasn’t enough info in the original post to be sure ... but I must confess... everything Ernie just posted went through my mind (“is this one of those ‘kits’ with the junk-quality ‘lenses’ that screw on, jam the threads, and mess up everything?  If so... just chuck it in the trash bin and consider the money spent to be an ‘investment’ in the school of life.”)


There may be other possibly causes... but this is worth mentioning as there have been previous users of the forum who had precisely this issue.



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