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Blue Hue when shooting video on Canon T3I


I recently purchased new Canon T3I. It works great except of the shooting video. Whenever I switch to vieo shooting mode, the picture comes out bluish. I tried switching bewteen different white balances, but it doesn't help. 

I've also switched to picture style: auto, as one person recommended, but it didn't help either. 

Is there a way I can make it work?




If you understand how White Balance works, then I suspect you could have an issue.  Do you still get the problem when shooting outdoors in sunshine?  If so, then I suggest contacting Canon U.S. Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks for your answer. Yes, outdoors is the same thing.


Did you try setting the sunny-outdoors white balance?

Yes, i did. It didn't do anything.

Time to call Canon. Sounds like a DIGIC issue.

I've no idea what that is:) Anyways, I'll call Canon to figure it out. Thank you!

The onboard Sensor->image processor, a Canon trademark. I doubt that the sensor has an issue with just the blue pixels, so I guess the fault is in the processing upstream of that.


I had a similar thing happen to a camera we found at a thrift store. It worked for a while, then the exposure seemed to drop about 5 stops.

@Iryna_B wrote:

Thanks for your answer. Yes, outdoors is the same thing.


What do see on the screen if you turn off Live View, or Movie Mode, and press the button on the pad labeled "WB"?  Make sure it is set to automatic, "AWB", and try to take a picture outdoors in the sunshine.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes, i set my WB to Auto and took pictures outdoor in the sunshine, but it is still blue.

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