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Altura Remote not working with T3i


I have been using an Altura Remote plugged directly into Wired Remote Port of the side of my t3i camera for months. All of a sudden it is not working. I changed batteries, When plugged in and button pressed I see ASTERISK in the left hand side of the viewfinder but the shutter doesnt release.


It works when in video but not when in any mode for picture taking. Is there a setting I am missing?


Also when I connect the flash to the sensor base and press the remote button the flash fires. So I know the remote is sending a signal but it is just taking pictures..  ODD and driving me batty


any help would be greatly appreciated.




So get this.  I just went out shooting and adjusted the ISO to AUTO and the remote started working. And it would take as many shots as I could click the button.  Like I was used to.    I think it could be a light issue. I don't remember this every being the issue before but at least I got it to consistently work.  

A *wired* remote should work fine. It is an IR remote that requires the mode setting.

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