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70d vs. 7d - which to get? does anyone have both? which do you prefer and why?


I've been considering both cameras and leaning more towards the 70d for two reasons, one it's a newer model and two is lighter.  Weight is an issue for me.  But having said that if the 7d is a far better camera I may need to find a way to deal with the weight...  thus looking for input on which one is 'better' - i'd primarily be using it for taking pictures of children (which are usually moving - and also portraits - of children - mostly of my daughter who is young and not big on posing).  70% of the pictures are taken in doors in not so great light - low light - typical living room with no added lighting.  I primarily use my new 24-70mm f2.4 lens (since recently purchasing can't justify putting anything else on my current camera: T1i).


From what i've read i don't see a significant difference between the 70d and 7d but have read that the 70d is better for movies - but that will not be what i primarily use it for as a video camera that i like. Not to say i won't forget it or be without and want to use the camera to capture something - just not something i see doing very often.  I just read that some that have the 70d are having problems with recording - not clear if its a card issue or camera issue?


the 70d seems to work more like my T1i so maybe a larger learning curve if i get the 7d? the one thing i noticed was that the 70d had 5-6 buttons on top close together for settings which were a bit awkward to reach and feel which was which - on the other had the 7d had very few so wondering which is easier to use or quicker to change settings on?  I primarily shoot in Av or Tv but want to move to M so the easier the transition the better.


Price wise the 70d is about $100 more than the 7d - i'm looking for the body only. I want to buy locally so my options are limited. Likely have to get from the local Future Shop...


One more thing - i'm reading that the 70d will not do Spot AF?  is the true? i'm confused by this - what does it really mean?


any and all advice is greatly appreciated.



Body: Canon 6D, Canon T1i, Canon Elan II,
Glass: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon 70-200 f/4 IS II, Canon 16-35 f/4, Canon 100 f/2.8 macro.
Flash: Canon Speedlite 430ex ii

@cale_kat wrote:

lacieleigh, You would be well advised that the 7D is soon to be replaced by a new model which will be introduced in the next week or two. I would suspect that any used 7D will be worth less once the new model, widely called the 7D Mark II, is introduced.


Good luck.

Strange things happen when Canon makes replacement bodies available.  When the 5D III came out, a large rush of people wanted to sell their 5D II bodies to upgrade.  You'd think that would create a glut and drop teh price of a used 5D II.  


What I noticed is that a lot of people more or less expected the 5D II's to quickly become available (and they did) but that actually generated some demand for the 5D II.  Prices on used 5D II's were probably hovering around the $1600-1700 price range (about 2/3rds of the cost that it used to sell for new).  


So my "guess" is that $650 is still below what the typical used 7D will sell for after the 7D II is announced (which is likely to happen shortly.  Photokina starts on Sept 16th and rumors are that it will be announced *just* before Photokina starts.)



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

TC..., thanks for the thoughtful reply. You are right that the 5DII has remained popular. I bought one when they where closed out of Canon's Store, a refurbished camera. And I agree that the 7D hold the same potential.


Like used cars, used camera are valued based upon their condition and "mileage". I have no idea what that is on the 7D in question, vis a vis this thread.

Any advice on where to start with regards to learning how to use the camera? Book? Something online? Etc