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[6D] stop the GPS battery drain with the OFF switch


PLEASE someone tell Firmware team to make the 6D STOP draining battery while OFF.


I noticed that even while the camera is OFF (Hardware Switched OFF) the GPS is still draining to battery.


ML works, but I am not happy with the function. Everytime the camera is powered off or going into sleeping mode the GPS is turned off. Turned on it will take time to activate the GPS. Best would be 30 or 60 minutes auto GPS off after you turned your camera off.

Thanks for sharing your experience with ML.


Sounds like there is still room for improvement.


However, I think an easy to understand operation would be that OFF means OFF without any current leak, and sleep mode with current drain could be OK but maybe the update rate should be slower.


At least OFF should meas OFF.

It is just a software switch.

I agree that a timeout period would be ideal, but after more than 2 years, and other models with same lack of function, I don't think it's on canon's radar. The ML solution has worked fine for me. Plus, I love the built-in intervelometer that it adds.

Jim in Boulder
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