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6D or 7D?


I've been happy with my 40D but I want to upgrade. Costco has a beautiful 7D kit on sales for around $1600.00. Does it have the 2.0 firmware? Or, should I wait for the 6D with the built in HDR?  I don't care about the video.


Thank you. It's going to make some interesting reading.

Get the 6D. It's a much better camera all around. I thought I'd keep my 7D but I realized I'd never use it and I sold it.

Thanks for the feedback. I pretty much have decided to go with the 6D. Just waiting for the post-Christmas sales. I'm sure the price will drop a little in the next 30 days.

Only if they have excess inventory. If they sell out, there will be no sales.


You may find that some authorized vendors have rebates for a couple hundred dollars right now (at least for the lens kit)... Might be worth looking around a bit.

Mail in Rebates? ROFL Get Free Shipping and an SD card from B&H and have a nice camera on Christmas Day as my idea. 

Adorama has the lens kit for $2,699; instant rebates. Not bad if you ask me.

6D is a total revolution for what Canon made so far.

We will see a lot more 6D features and look in every other new line of Canon single, double or quad X  -D lines of production.

Do yourself a great favor and buy 6D no mater how much is the price difference. You won't regret. 

Thanks everybody for the input. It's great to get answers from people who aren't selling the product. I'm definitely going for the 6D but I think it's going to be sooner than I thought!

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks again.

I got mine in time for Christmas.  I am loving the use of the higher ISO's with lower noise.  ISO 3200 looks much better to me than ISO 800 ever did on my T3i.


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