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5DSR_new x16 times magnification in Live View?

Rising Star


I´ve the 5DSR user manual (pdf) and noticed that there´s a new/bigger possibility of x16 times magnification in Live View instead of the usual x10.

Cannot find a video or an image online illustrating and confirming this, unfortunately.


This is very interesting to me because 3 of my 5 lenses from Canon and Zeiss, are manual focus only.

With a 50 megapixels sensor and a magnification of x16; this means that one can have a visualization close to 1:1 pixels/100%?


There´s no "Canon official" (more precise) focusing screen to switch for the 5DIII. This possibility stops with the 5DII and the 6D ,-( as far as I know.

So, for the 5DSR; I guess there´s no Canon focusing screen to switch either. Also there´s no Focus Peaking.


The x16 will be a nice feature for critical focus in Live View, with manual lens and macro (1:1) and more extreme macro work (5:1).

Any confirmation from 5DSR owners will be very welcome ,-)

(with an image/video from the back screen would be very nice)


Thank you very much.



Rising Star



Please. Thank you.


I do not have a 5Dsr, so I cannot address the 16x magnification question.


What type of shooting are you doing?  If you are doing tethered shooting, there are tools to help with this.


I was recently offered a free evaluation copy of Kuuvik Capture 2 -- which does support live focus peaking during tethered capture sessions on the 5Ds & 5Dsr.  I've only been able to spend one weekend testing it, but so far it is extremely helpful when performing manual focus (especially with tilt-shift lenses).




Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes tethered shooting. Including macro (1:1 and 5:1); etc. And yes I´ll try T&S lens soon.

Everything that helps me focus with precision, using manula foucing lens, is very welcome.

I´ll check that Kuuvik Capture 2 .-)

Thanks again.