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5DMk3 With vintage Pentax Lenses


Hey Everybody!  I'm new to the forums and to DSLR Photography and Videography in general, though I do have a background in film making.  I acquired a 5D Mark 3 last year and am really happy with it so far.


Here's my question:  Are there any tips or tricks to getting old manual lenses to work on the Mark 3?  I bought a cheap PK-EF adapter on Ebay to get my Dad's old ME Super lenses to fit and they do, but anytime I take a picture, the camera will give me an error message, and it gives me the same error message anytime I try to switch to video.  I did have some success I guess, as I was able to get partial images, as if the top half of the sensor was exposed.  Any suggestions?



You will need an adapter that "talks back" to the camera. I am using a M42 and Helios 58/2 to my 5D. Beware that you in some cases can hit the mirror.


What lenses are you trying to use and what error message are you receiving? Also does the adaptor have any electrical contacts on it?


Could you post a photo that shows the "partial images" you got? It sounds like the mirror could be hitting the lens and somehow you got the camera to take the shot.

I would not expect to get very good image quality from vintage lenses.

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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?

So here are some photos of the adapter, lens, and a "partial" image that I shot with it (it is a stack of books, and you can just see the top of the stack).  The adapter does not have contacts on it, and looking at a few of the others on eBay, that is something that might be a problem.  Also the tab on the inside of the lens could be restricting something.  Could this be removed?


Error message on the screen is "Shooting is not possible due to an error.  Please turn the camera off and re-install the battery"


Which I did and took another photo just fine with my regular lens.  Awesome cosplay photos too!AdapterAdapter attachedTest imagePost-test image w/ kit lens

Seems like the thingy may has hit the mirror, but I think you would hear that. My 58/2 hits the mirror when I focus at infinity. I also think that´s why my 5D doesn´t goes so well with my 50/1,4 anymore.

Going by your image, it appears that the mirror is hitting the back of the lens (probably the aperture lever) and you photographed the backside of the mirror as it was moving up. Although most older manual focus Pentax lenses (along with other manufactures) can be used with Canon crop bodies without issues, the full frame bodies, with their larger mirrors, can present a problem with some lenses.


Here is a lens compatibility chart for the older 5D, but it is probable the same or close with the mark III also.


If you really want to use this lens on your body, the aperture lever could be cut or ground down so that it clears clear the 5D mirror, or you could shave your camera's mirror.





"I would not expect to get very good image quality from vintage lenses."


This is true. I have older FD "L" lens' and have tried to get them to work with EOS but the results is not worthy.

You might as well use a cell phone.

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Almost every picture in here is taken with the 58/2 Helios, made in USSR, and a 5D.


Nice Photos!