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5DMKIII can't communicate via USB port


Cannot communicate with the camera from Lightroom or from EOS Utlity 3.11.1  Get an error message "Failed to communicate with Camera. Check connections".  Tried connecting with two different computers and two different USB cables.  Problem appears to be with camera itself.  I can still take photos and view them inside the camera.  I just can't get them out.  Any ideas?



Hello JayPegg88, 

I understand you are unable to connect your EOS 5D Mark II to your computer.  I am sorry this is the case.  What is the Operating system and computer type on the machine you are using? 

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Tim, Thanks for the reply.  I am using a MAC PRO (2013) running MAC OS 10.15.2 (Catalina). My camera is a 5DMKIII running Ver 1.1.3

I just found this posted on the Adobe website....


Tethering does not work with Canon cameras

Tethering does not work with Canon cameras on the latest update (10.15.2) of macOS Catalina.

I guess I'll just have to wait for next Apple OS update   Smiley Sad