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I transferred images to my lap top. To review the folder the images come up as an 101EOS5D(1) and upward


HI, so I found the images. I had downloaded them to an adjoining  folder and they were at the bottom. In doing so, I cleaned all the files off the card. In my efforts to find the images, somehow the card was corrupt so it has been disposed of. I have been shooting for 15 years so  I do have some acumen but as things flowed in this exercise, something just didn't add up. I think what really happened was I associated the wrong card with one I had just used. I had been traipsing around the Palouse in the rain for three days and in hindsight, I can see how this might have happened. Anyway, gosh, I am sure grateful for you assistance and attentiveness. Happy Trails, Dan

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Hi again Dan:

I am glad you have a resolution that is pretty positive!   If you are visiting the Palouse, I would guess that you live on the west coast of the US or Canada.  I lived for quite a few years in Victoria, BC and never quite got around to making a trip with the Victoria camera club to visit the Palouse, although I know how beautiful it can be!  I envy you your trip and really hope you got some good shots!

Take Care

cheers, TREVOR

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