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Working temperature range of Canon EF 200mm f/2.8 lens


Does anyone know the temperature range for this product? I will be using it in environments of around -60F and will be attaching heaters to the outside. 



It should be in the specs for the lens on the product web page.

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Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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@nyleung wrote:

Does anyone know the temperature range for this product? I will be using it in environments of around -60F and will be attaching heaters to the outside. 

Wow!  What about the camera body?  I do not see an operating temperature range for the lens in the owners manual.  This might be due to the fact that the camera body is the more limiting factor when compared to the lens.

A camera battery can begin to fail and lose power at freezing.  At that temperature extreme, I would be thinking about an entire heated enclosure for the camera.  OR, and entirely different type of camera.

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Waddizzle nailed it.  -60F.  Fully charged battery I'm thinking a run time of 5-8 min if you are lucky.  Please consider temp acclimation as well.

You will also be subjecting the body (forget about any lens) to environmental tolerances way, way, way below anything Canon has ever wanted, needed or been bothered to test for.  Nor should they.  This environment and a nice camera = not a good idea.   

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In my long, very long career, I never concerned myself with the extreme specs of operation of my photographic gear except for one. If it is too cold or too hot for me. It is too cold or too hot for my gear. Neither of us liked working in the extremes!

All joking aside i think 10 degrees was about the coldest I ever worked outdoors. Everything worked OK. I did keep extra batteries in my inside pockets. I think at -60 the batteries is what you need to be concerned about.

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Canon's published specifications for the whole EOS line, bodies and lenses included is 0 to 40 deg C. (32 to 104 F.) This is obviously pretty conservative, but as everyone has said -60 F.  (-51 C.) is way beyond Canon's design range.

At -60F. it's very likely that the lens aperture actuator and image stabilization actuators and linkages will be frozen and non-operable, and the camera battery(s) will be non-functional unless the camera and lens can be kept heated to much higher temps.

Also, as has been pointed out. Li I (LiFePO4) Batteries loose almost all of their capacity below -4 deg. F.  What has not been stated is the low-temp charge problem.  If you attempt to charge a Li I battery at temperatures below 0 deg C. (32 deg F.) it will produce internal lithium plating that will severely damage the battery.  That is one of the major issues for low temp photography and is often overlooked.  Li I batteries can be used at 0 deg F. (with greatly reduced output capacity), but they should NEVER be recharged unless warmed up first.