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Why would Canon make a new EF27-7O F4 LIS when we already have a EF24-105 F4LIS?


A new 24-105 costs $1150 (now that the rebates have expired). It launched with a price or $1250. $1,250 of 2005 dollars would be worth: $1,467.14 in 2012

The new 24-70 f/4 IS will cost $1500 at launch. (It will drop after 6 months or so). If the optics are on par with the 2.8 II version and the IS is much better than in the 24-105, I think it is priced accordingly.

The 24-70 f/2.8 was released in 2002 at $2100.
The 24-70 f/2.8 II was released this year at $2300.
If you account for inflation, version 2 was released at a cheaper price. (In the US anyways).

$2,100 of 2002 dollars would be worth: $2,675.16 in 2012

More the merrier I always where is the 100-400 LII???

I kinda wished that Canon would have released the f/4 version in advance of the f/2.8II. I like the weight and preliminary reviews. Most likely I would have purchased this f/4 instead of the f/2.8II. Oh well what's done is done, the f/2.8II is a great lens. It would've been nice to have the IS but no doubt at a higher $$.


Regards, Will G.

That's exactly how I feel! I love my 100-400 but I would love it more if it were updated!

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