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What lens should I get for my 5dmk2?


I shoot a lot of everything mostly scenery and creepy stuff? Looking for a l lens have about 900 to spend!



Do you have any lenses now? If so which ones? If not the 24-105 L IS is a very popular choice & Canon was wise enough to sell the 5D2 and the 24-105 L as a kit.

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Agree with cicopo. The 24-105 standard zoom is an excellent choice assuming you don't already have similar lens or focal lengths.

Don't be suspicious of all the 24-105Ls for sale on eBay and CL. Many are from kits where someone got a great deal but didn't need or want the lens and many are from photographers upgrading to the 24-70 II (which may be another option).

I was thinking about it but I have heard terrible things about it. What about the 135mm l prime lens? Ohh and all I have right now is the new 40mm pancake since I switched to full frame.

What terrible thngs have you heard?  Don't believe everything you read.  I own the 24-105 and use it more than any other lens on my FF body.  It is a fantastic lens and its got to be one of the most popular lens Canon has ever produced.


I don't own the 135L but have read great things.  If that is the focal lenght you need, then that would be a great choice. However I think you will be much better suited with focal ranges from 24 (wide) to 105 (short telephoto) than just the 40 and 135 in your bag.

I can't imagine what you've heard about the 24-105 that would scare you away from it. I've had mine since early 2006 and it perferms perfectly & is very sharp. If you'd like some full file samples to evaluate I have some that can be downloaded here.


The samples have notes that will explain any processing done etc and are from a few of the bodies I've used over the years including a 5D2. Use the actions tab to select the "download photo" option.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

This is very true. The bad things that I have heard where from 2 photography professors at my school. They mostly just showed me the graph on it and stuff, so thats what scarred me away from it.

I love my 24-105.  Very sharp.


I agree with the person who said it would be awkward shooting with nothing but a 40mm and a 135mm.  That 135 would feel awfully long indoors.


Also, what is "creepy stuff"?


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As others have said, the 24-105 is a nice lens. It's not L "qualiity" in the build department, but you can get some darn fine photos from it.

Since you focus on landscape, you don't really need a telephoto, but a zoom lens is nice to have.

The 24-105 is a safe option with good quality.


I think you should get the 24-105. I don't know what your professors say but I assure you that this lens will satisfy all your photography needs. For its price and the quality you're getting its quite a good buy. The 24-105 is the most versitile lens on Canon's lineup. It can be a landscape lens at 24, a normal lens at 50, a portrait lens at 85, a tele at 105. Not to mention there is IS. If you're shooting fullframe 5dmkii i would assume you would want to use your camera's full capacity, and by utilizing Canon's L lens you can achieve the best results. And after saying this, referring to your budget of 900, you can choose between the two cheapest Ls. the 17-40 and the 24-105 (personally I would choose the 24-105).


If you have a higher budget get the 24-70 II. That is another all purpose lens. Great for landscape, portraiture, can also be used for macro as well!

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