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Ultra Wide Zoom Lens Clarification


This is a really dumb question, but are "Ultra-Wide Zoom" lenses the same as an ultra-wide angle? I see standard wide angles are very short, but no short ultra-wide angles. The only ultra-wide anything I see is ultra-wide zoom.



You might find this thread useful: Solved: Re: Canon Rebel T7 DSLR comability with SLR Lens - Canon Community:

Still, if you want to get to the crunch:

Be aware that because your camera has a smaller sensor than a FF camera, it will actually provide a Field of View (what the sensor actually captures) equivalent to that of a lens with a focal length 1.6 times that which is written on the lens - which will have a definitely narrower FoV than it would on a full-frame body.

To give you an idea, here is a photo taken with a similarly crop sensor body, the Canon D30 with the 17-40mm zoom at its widest - i.e. 17mm Focal Length but giving a FoV of 27mm.


One of the most renowned real estate photographers in the US, Scott Hargis, uses a Canon EF17-40, but with a full-frame camera that will give an actual 17-40 FoV performance, so to get a similar FoV on your camera to that, the EF-S 10-22 (an EF-S lens is designed for a crop-sensor body) would give you that extra angle (it's FoV is 16mm- 35mm).  I have one, and it's a good lens.   Scott has some videos on real estate photography and has an excellent e-book available called Lighting Interiors - a very instructive read.

Like any ultra wide angle you need to make sure that your verticals are vertical - introducing tilt into images creates a sense of tension, and makes the wall feel like they are falling in on you, and you don't want that in real estate images.

Here are a couple of samples of the kind of thing I think you are looking for. Both taken with the EF-S10-22mm @ 10mm (so FoV 16mm).

IMG_3003a copy.jpgIMG_2976a LR copy.jpg



cheers, TREVOR

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Interesting question. I like to read posts and replies for the info. Never know when one will have a similar problem or question.

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The takeaway here is focal length (FL) is focal length.  No matter what context it is used in. In this case prime lens vs zoom lens. Once a lens is ground it can not change its FL. So, zoom to prime or crop to FF the FL is always the same.

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