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Really sorry for asking, but I need advice on what lens will be best for my 60D. Thank you!


Yes.......massive apologies to everyone out there. I am a very late comer to owning and using a 60D (I had a 450D with kit lens for about 3 years previously). I bought my 60D body in Feb 2013. It was all and everything that I could afford then. I then found a Sigma 18-50 2.8 lens second hand on ebay to go with it. I have not been happy with any of my photos so far. I have been reading lots and lots about various lenses. And I've been reading a huge amount of forum discussions. And I have learned a lot.......thank you to everyone who actually posts their opinions and experiences.

But.....what should I do?

I wish I could afford to buy a 6D or even a 5D. But I can't.

So what lens should I buy to make my 60D a good camera?

I am only just now starting to understand and get hooked on photography (at the age of 45....).

90% of my photos are indoors, with minimal lighting. I have just discovered the joy of a Speedlite and now have a 430. It is wonderful.

But I know that my Sigma lens is letting me down.

So.......should I buy a Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8 (which seem's designed exactly for what I need.....I'm not very concerned about rain and thunder).

Or a Canon EF 17-40 4.0 ....(which should be a better "L" lens, but with less "light" aperture etc)

Or wait for the new Sigma 18-35 1.8......

I am now very wary about any "third party" lens with my Canon 60D. Surely it makes sense to put a Canon body with a Canon Lens? My current Sigma lens is terrible at focusing.

Or should I go for a Canon 24mm 2.8 prime plus something like the Canon 15-85 (which I read has variable aperture, which puts me off).

How important is Image Stabilisation?

Please, if I'm not boring you with these old sad questions, then rational, intelligent and concise answers would be massively appreciated. (sorry that my question has been anything but concise).

Oh.......should I consider a Canon EF 24-70 2.8 (mk 1 is all I think I could afford).......?

I totally understand the difference between my 60d (crop frame sensor) and a full frame camera such as a 5D. And the implications therefore.

Thank you everyone out there.



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Sounds like you have done plenty of research so I won't elaborate as to why.
For general purpose - EF-S 17-55 would be my first choice, EF-S 15-85 would be my second (and a big no on 17-40)
For wide angle - EF-S 10-22
For "general" telephoto - one of the EF-70-200 zooms. I really like the f/4 IS version
For a prime portrait - a 50mm, probably the EF-50 f/1.4, I'm not particularly fond of Canon's 50s

Of course this also depends on your budget and needs. I can't keep up on all the 3rd party lens, some are good some are junk. I know some of the more frequent posters are savvy on those and can comment. Avoid the 24-70 Mk I, it's a monster of a lens, no IS, and not the ideal lens for a 60D. Good luck.


Firs and foremost, you learned to never, never buy anybodies USED third party lens. Most likely that individual got rid of it for reasons of poor performance.

Even new most, not all but most, third party lenses perform well under what most, not all but most, Canon “L” lenses do.


Ask yourself, do I need a zoom lens? If not the 35mm Canon f2 is a nice lens and very reasonable. Works well on a APS-C body like your 60D. A step up and a little more costly is the Sigma 35mm f1.4 (only buy new). This is a fantastic lens.


If you need a zoom ….

I highly recommend the Canon 17-40mm f4 L, which acts like a more nominal 28-65mm f4 on your body. This lens does not change focal length and is a constant f4. A big plus!


The Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 is a very nice lens but I don't recommend it because I don't buy “S” lens any longer. That is a personal choice because my camera bodies have changed over the years.


Bottom line is you bought a dud. Get one of the above and you will have a great rig.

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I've always agreed (and appreciated) ebiggs1's comments so I feel compelled to quantify my strong 17-40 comment. Since the OP mentioned about 90% of his shooting will be indoors under low light, I feel a faster lens and/or IS lens, would be a better choice. Otherwise I think the 17-40 is a great lens especially on crop bodies. If flash is part of the equation, then that may change things.

Hi, one thing that I've done when faced with your questions and interest in "what's the best" for my shooting and photo situations a couple. Why not rent what you think you would like, play with the lens and try out a bunch. I've done that with a couple of the 300mm L lens and then decided on the 400mm F5.6 and never looked back. Sure the 400 lacks some things and trying out severl lens made it easier for me to choose what to get next. There are a bunch of rental companies out there and their prices are well worth the effort.

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First off I have neither that camera body nor lens so this is just some general thoughts.  Being both are relatively new to you and/or used, is there a chance one or both could have an issue with them?  It would be good to both try your lens on another camera body along with trying another body on your lens.  It might be that one or the other might have a problem or just might not be compatible with the other.  Be a shame to buy another lens to find out the problem is in the body.


Trying out something different by renting makes sense, especially if you can check out your current equipment in the process.


Good luck