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RF24-105mm F4 Noise While Focusing


Hi everyone... 

A while I started to get a Weird and audible noise while my lens 24-105mm f4 is focusing either in manual or auto mode. Seems like the lens is actually pulling the focus and is makes somewhat of a screeching sound (of course its not normal). I live in Uruguay and the repair is pretty costly, but has someone ecountered this and was able to fix it? My trusted repair shop does not really garantee that they can fix it, but maybe I can point them out to the right direction.  




I would suggest that you contact the Canon affiliate that serves Uruguay.  They can tell you if the noises are normal or not.

I used to own the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, which was quite noisy compared to other L series lenses.  The aperture was particularly loud which made it unsuitable for my video purposes. The mirror slap in a DSLR normally drowns out the aperture noises.

I have not used the EF Mark II or the RF versions of the lens.  It is my understanding the Mark II was quieter, which made it more suitable for capturing video.  I believe the RF version was a new design, so I would not expect it to be noisy.

Contact Canon, if you can.  Hopefully, your lens is under an original factory backed warranty.

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