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Need a beginner lens recommendation for R8!


I received an R8 as a gift, however I'm a complete beginner in photography. It came with the body only and I need a new lens to test it out with. My budgets around 500 USD (might go a bit higher if I really need to). I want to take a portraits, travel pics (pics of mountains, pics of people standing in front of mountains lol), and occassionally some photos at night as well of friends & family. I know that's a lot and maybe one lens might not be able to hande all that but any recommendations? Additionally, will it be wise to buy a flash as well? Thank you!



Hi and welcome to the forum:
Given your description, you need a lens with an RF designation (not RF-S they are not for your camera type) and the best for your situation and budget would be the RF 24-105 IS STM lens.  The range is a good all round unit that will cover much of what you describe.  You can get one of these from Canon via this link for $399.99

Initially, I would not recommend getting a flash - learn to use the camera in available light, but with the $100 you have left in your budget you should consider a couple of full-size SD card - around 64MP and choose Lexar or SanDisk are good, from a reputable camera store (stay away from Amazon and box stores for them), and a spare battery.

The best thing you can also do is to download the User Guide for your camera and make yourself familiar with the controls: You can get that guide here: c013.pdf (

Also, I would strongly suggest checking out the following on You Tube:

Feel free to come back to us with any questions you may have.

cheers, TREVOR

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A pretty tall request with a budget of $500 bucks. But one lens that fits the bill is the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Lens.


"... will it be wise to buy a flash as well?" 

No it is not "wise" to buy a flash. Flash is almost becoming an obsolete accessory just like filters have become. After you buy yourself a lens make sure you d/l DPP4 form Canon web site (it's free). A photo editor is the most important accessory you can have. You will need a way to transfer photos from camera to computer anyway and DPP4 does that automatically. Learn it and use it.


"Thank you!"   You are certainly welcome and have a great 2024 with your new hobby.

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Since light is the most important thing when it comes to photography, having the ability to add light to a scene is sometimes a requirement.  Depending upon what scenarios the OP will be in, adding a flash/strobe would indeed be a wise choice.


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I have six top of the line flashes. I made a career with my cameras. I have not used a flash in the last decade or two.

Yes, there are some rare circumstances where a flash may be helpful but not for a beginner just stating out who has a limited budget of $500 bucks. 100% of the time I would choose, in my case Photoshop, over the best flash made. In the OP's case, DPP4 makes a whole lot more sense and it is free.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


“ Additionally, will it be wise to buy a flash as well? Thank you!

I am what you might call an advanced photo enthusiast.  Friends and family are always trying to hire me to do jobs, but I always decline.  I bought a flash once.  But I found that I rarely had a critical “must use it” need for it.  

I found a wide aperture prime to be a better investment.  And, ambient light looks better in most classes, IMHO.  

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