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Micro Shaking in Servo Focus Sigma 24-105 f4 with R8 and Canon EF-RF Adapter


I am new to canon and sigma. My lens behaves weird when in Servo focus mode. The focus some how keeps on shaking instead of sticking. I have no issues with my 50mm Canon ef and 16mm Canon rf lens .

This issue occurs on all focal lengths, lighting conditions, hand held or on tripod.

I tried several setting change to fix issue but nothing works.

1. Tried turning off both lens stabilisation and camera stablisation.

2. Reseting camera settings.

3. Changing Preview AF to off

4. Turning full time electronic focus to OFF

Attached Video: I recorded this video indoors, continuous focus vibration can be heard coming from the lens.




Hi and welcome to the forum:

The use of 3rd party lenses is a challenge with the R series cameras, as they were not designed for Canon's more sophisticated systems. Canon have no control of those lenses, so I would recommend contacting Sigma to see what they can do; but in the meantime, have you tried turning off Servo mode?

cheers, TREVOR

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I did not notice anything in the video.  I must have missed it whatever it was.

Your Sigma lens is not the quietest lens out there.  It makes noises as it focuses.  The deign is at least a decade old.  Check that it has the latest firmware.  

I, too, recommend turning off Servo AF.  But first, I would disable eye, animal, car, and everything else tracking.  That lens is designed for a DSLR.  Let the camera behave like a DSLR. 

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