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I don't know how to attach a wide lens to my canon rebel eos3ti camera


I just purchased an canon eos rebel 3ti camera kit. It came with "precision design" wide angle, and telephoto lenses. I don't know how to attach them to my camera. Please help 🙂




Though I am not sure what exactly your "Precision design wide angle" is, I would assume it is one of those add on lens wide angle adapter rather than a true freestanding lens. If this assumption is correct, your wide angle adapter will be placed or threaded in the front filter thread ring of your lens. If both of the thread size are matching, this should be a simple turning motion (To the right side to attach). But beware that not all ring sizes are the same and for eg if your filter size is 58 and your wide angle thread is 72, you may need the right step down, step up adapter.

Let us know more if this doesn't solve your problem, Can you post a picture of your wide angle or more info to find it on net?

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