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Help with recommending the best lens for street portraits


Hello:) I am new to the Canon community and just starting my photography journey. I have read so many different opinions on the best lens. Need help with what others truly recommend. I have been shooting a lot of street photography or outdoors with my subjects but want to get a good lens finally! I am looking for something for street portraits and indoors. I’m torn between the 3 most common . The “nifty fifty” , the 85mm or the 24-70mm. I have read so much I don’t know what would be best. I need a lens that would work for outside portraits for those beautiful shots and also inside for possibly natural or low light. Help please as I am a newbie:) thank you! 


Thank you 🙂 I feel so grateful to have the support from every one as I have felt very lost! Newbie for sure hahaha 

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