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Got a brand new lens that came with a mark on it.. What to do?

Hi everyone,

I just received a brand new Canon 75-300mm f4-5.6 III lens as part of a Rebel t3i bundle I ordered from a company called Cameta Camera. I took it out of the box and took the front lens cap off to inspect the outer glass because I am **bleep** like that. I saw what i thought was a few specs of dust so i capped it and put it in my bag until later that night. I tried to clean it several times and everything came off except one tiny mark that is close to one edge of the glass. I tried everything to remove it and finally I figured out that it is a defect in the actual glass, not sure if to call it a pit or a tiny scratch or what. Anyway, it bugs me a lot so i called the company and the have this process for returning that is a pain where you have to pay shipping to send it back, they inspect it, and if they decide you didnt do it, they will send a new one and reemburse you part of the shipping. It also has what looks like some air bubbles in the inner glass but i know thats normal, those are actually near the center and i hear they would not affect the image quality.

I am just wondering if you guys think this would affect the image or not and would you bother with the pain in the butt return process? I have taken a few photos with the lens but i am not sure whether it affects the image or not i am not a pro and really dont know what to look for, i do not see anything obvious though like you would with sensor dust.

I would love to hear from some pros or anyone who has encountered this or knows anything about it.. I only have 5 days to decide what to do and the 4th is coming up so i probably need to decide by tomorrow.


Trea, You should make a careful note to explain where the problem is that accompanies the lens when you send it in. Draw a diagram and include a reference point to direct them to it. You are in charge of making it obvious so don't hold back in the detail you offer.


Good luck.


PS, Make certain you adhere to all the return/refund policies. Call ahead and insure the package for an amount sufficient to cover its replacement. Make sure your package has tracking and the return authorization number is noted on the outside if required.

From that last post, keep it, forget it and move on.  Go take some pictures.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Well this morning I called them to talk in more detail and decided to go ahead with the exchange. They assured me that it shouldn't be a problem and they even said if they didnt find a problem they would still do a courtesy exchange so they seem to have a good attitude about things and after talking to the guy on the phone, I don't expect to be hassled as much but I know it still could happen. I am hoping the new lens will be perfectly fine and not worst than this one.

I thought about it for a while and just figured it is worth going through a little hassle so that tiny little scratch is not in the back of my OCD mind constantly bugging me. Also according to my research, it would hurt the resell value possibly and I know this isnt an expensive lens but I don't like a brand new lens to loose that much value as soon as I open the box.

Cale_kat thanks for the advice with the return I will definitely take photos and draw a diagram etc to make sure things go as smooth as possible. 🙂

I like the idea of a "courtesy exchange". Just as a fun "test", why not write down the lens serial number before you send it in and check that a different one comes back? Ha ha.

Another good idea, will do!


Here is a novel idea, Use the lens, Take it to a camera store, get a second opinion. FYI. Cameta is a very well respected Camera Dealer, they rank up there with B&H and Adorama.  I do believe there is nothing wrong with the lens..


Good Luck

Best Regards,