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EOS R10 Lens Questions and Recommendations


Brand new to photography...if I buy a Canon EOS R10 with the 18-150mm lens kit would you suggest I also buy a 50mm prime lens or if I used the lens kit and set it to 50mm would that be the exact same thing? Also besides the 18-150mm lens. What other lens would you suggest I get? I want to be able to take photos for example of different things like hummingbirds, football games, up close small objects, birds nests far away, portraits of my pets and grandchildren, etc. Would I need different lenses or is there 1 that would cover far away, normal and close ups all in one lens? What other accessories is a must have for someone wanting to start out taking pics as a hobby? Thanks in advance!



Setting the lens to 50mm turns it into a 50mm lens, like the prime.

I would start with the 18-150 which should meet most of your needs.

For little birds far way you do need a longer lens. I am not sure what your budget is, but you might want to look into the RF 100 - 300, RF 100 - 400 or RF 100 - 500.

The 55-210 is just not that much longer than the 18-150, so I would pass on that.



I second kvbarkley's RF-S 18-150 recommendation.  Worth noting, you hit f6.3 at 62mm, so you'll be shooting at higher ISO in low light.  Doesn't mean its not a good lens, it is.  Its extremely practical.  


Skipping the 50mm, and RF-S 55-250mm is also better for the type of photography you describe.  The RF 50mm comes in a f1.2 and f1.8 variant.  The 1.8 is a STM, the 1.2 is L series.  Both lenses are intended for full frame and will give an equivalent FOV of 80mm. 

If you have $10k to burn, the RF 100-300 f2.8 is top notch.

The RF 100-400 is a very affordable zoom.  Like the 18-150, it does its best in daylight.  Its a very good mid range lens that will compliment your 18-150 as its FOV equivalent is 160-640 on the R10.  These 2 lenses will give you a perspective of 18-640mm overall.

The RF 100-500 is a premium L series optic.  A solid investment, and a lens any wildlife or enthusiast sports photographer would love.  

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I agree and further suggest that as you are new to photography you concentrate on learning to use what you have.  You have a bit of a learning curve ahead to use this kit to its fullest and more gear will just complicate things.  Photography with a dedicated camera different from using something like a cell phone - it has far more potential but demands more skill from the user.

You might want to watch the following videos:
General principles of photography:
Learn Photography [Full Course] by Australian Geographic Photographer Chris Bray - YouTube

Specific to the R10
Canon R10 Tutorial Training Video Overview Users Guide Set Up - Part 1 - Made for Beginners (youtube...

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It is almost never a good idea to buy a prime lens like the 50mm f1.8 as a first and only lens. Always get one of the your first lens.

for small birds 400mm is probably the lowest FL to even consider even with it or higher FL you will need to be very close to the bird. For sports most sports anyway will need anywhere from 24mm to 600mm depending on the sport and where you shoot from.

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"Brand new to photography..."

But I suspect you are an old timer with Amazon. Don't buy any photography gear including cameras from Amazon unless you know exactly where it is coming from. This goes for eBay too.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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