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Dropped my 24-105 mm lens


The lens was not mounted properly in my camera body. And while zooming out, the lens came out. The camera was in a tripod, the lens dropped from a height. It has only got some crack. However, the performance of lens is not affected. It shoots and focuses well. 

Community, is there any remedies to it? Can you please help !!!




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Sorry to hear of your misfortune. The lens should be sent to Canon for repair.


I see you own a mkI of this lens.  Used its $300-$500 depending on condition.  Any fall can be impactful, and there might also be hidden damage.  Works today but at some point in the future, you get somewhere and don't have  a working lens.

I'm not sure if Canon still repairs mkI's of this lens, but its easy to find out by registering the lens on MyCanon and seeing what your support options are.  There are also shops which may service older lenses.  midwestcamerarepair dot com is a good one.  Armed with an estimate, you'll be in a better position to decide which direction you want to go in.

A mkII version of the lens in excellent+ condition is around $700.  Some folks might be OK using a lens in this condition until it falls apart or separates from the bayonet.  I'd advise against this.  Get it looked at, repaired or replace it.  There is nothing worse than getting somewhere only to find your camera doesn't work.  Also,  its never too late to get into the practice of checking basics like is my lens securely mounted before putting it up on your tripod. We all never think these things can happen until they do.  We're sorry you're dealing with it now.  

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Another vote for getting it service or replaced.

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