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Can anyone recommend a circular polarizer for EF 24-105 F4 lens that allows lens cap to stay on


I have a Heliopan 77mm circular polarizer I was using on another lens and just bought the 24-105 F4 and the polarizer screws on lens ok but lens cap won't snap shut, can you recommend a polarizer that will fit properly



Sounds like you have a slim version filter without the front threads. All filter manufactures make filters that will allow the lens cap to be installed.


Thanks John, checked out responses and looks like B+W and Hoya should work, local photo store carries these along with ProMaster so I'll check them out this week


Which camera are using?   If you are using a FF body, you will want a slim version of the filter.  If you are shooting crop, you should be just fine with a regular CPL.  Lens caps do not attach well to most slim line filters.   But typically you won't store your CPL filter on your lens.


"...I see varying amounts of physical vignetting at 24mm when using a standard thickness circular polarizer filter - I recommend using a slim circular polarizer filter for this lens."



One other thing to consider, since quality CPLs are expensive, buy the CPL for the largest lens you have (or plan to have) then buy step down rings.  I will be using  a 82mm CPL for my 16-35 II with my 24-105 by using a 82 - 77mm step down ring.