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Are EF Lenses Going to Be Obsolete?


I've been out of the game for several years. Used to shoot a lot of portraiture, and real estate photography. I have an old 6D, some good wide to medium lenses, tons of off-camera lighting, etc. I never got the 70-200 II that I longed for because I wasn't shooting much sports at the time.

My kids are now old enough for sports and I've got the itch to dust off the equipment. So I'm back to debating between the 70-200 II and 100-400, but that got me into looking at all these mirrorless cameras. I know you can use EF on mirrorless with an adapter, but I'm hesitant to invest in new EF glass if the industry is going to mirrorless.

Also, is the autofocus of mirrorless really caught up to DSLR? I read a few articles saying it has, but I know how well regarded the 7D II was for sports. I found a used one in great condition for $650, but I'm wondering if that money would be better spent towards a mirrorless.



This is a hard question to answer because someone's budget might dictate the direction they go in.  

As far as mirrorless versus DSLR.  Mirrorless cameras are superior.  Autofocus hasn't just caught up. Mirrorless has surpassed the AF capabilities of DSLRs 10 times or more.  Mirrorless cameras can have hundreds and in many cases thousands more AF points.  They also have newer logic and subject tracking algorithms that exceed the capabilities of DSLRs.  Sensor technology is also greatly improved.  

Today, I would not invest in DSLR or EF lenses. These cameras aren't going anywhere and neither are the lenses but camera manufacturers are not developing DSLRs or EF mount lenses any longer. 

I do have a love for DSLRs. The 7D Mark II was a phenomenal camera, magnesium body, 65 AF points and is regarded as one of the best sports and wildlife bodies ever made.  It's now 9 years old.  In another year Canon will probably stop supporting it.  Third party repair facilities will remain an option.  

If you're going to replace a body, I would buy a mirrorless body.  Only exception would be if I was trying to replace a 1 series body or a particular body in a DSLR lineup.  Example you're a professional and have an existing shooting system.  

If budget allows, I'd go mirrorless and a new RF 70-200.  It's really going to come down to your budget.

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"Are EF Lenses Going to Be Obsolete?"

The simple answer is they already are. I have a ton of EF but I think it would be a mistake if I was to buy something new to buy EF. You have a 6D, not a great camera but certainly very capable. If it will work for you that's the decision you need to make. 

Its really a no brainer. Keep the 6D and buy the ef 70-200mm f2.8L. Later if you decide this is more than just an experiment in the kids sports, a new R series will be able to use that lens. Win, win! If on the other hand you think you need a used 7D Mk II, then no, buy a new R series. Not even a moment of hesitation.

Not knowing what other lenses you might have but the choice between a ef 70-200mm f2.8L and the ef 100-400mm, the 70-200mm is the the choice hands down.

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"If budget allows, I'd go mirrorless and a new RF 70-200."

Totally! 😁

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