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600mm issues to Canon repair or not?


Hi all,

   I am the guy with the weird 600mm issues. I tested the lens today with many of the same tests I did the other day with the same result. I did test it in mf and tested all other lens modes with no change.

   My question is this. What do you guys think of Canon lens service? I have had only one lens repaired, a 100-400L , with satisfactory results. Saying that though I have heard many not so good and a few horror stories.

  The other issue I have is shipping that lens by UPS, Fed Ex, etc. Sometimes they do not handle packages the way they should, carefully. 

  I can use the lens in it's current state on single shot and burst silent mode. My gut tells me to do that as long as I can before shipping it to Canon.

  Where are the current service centers located?

Thanks again,





Once you set up a repair ticket, Canon will instruct you to insure the package when you ship it.

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Hi Colonel4446!


We are happy to answer your questions about sending your lens in for repair!


Our Factory Service Center will take great care of your lens! For peace of mind, all repairs come with a 6 month repair warranty. So if the same problem happens, we will repair it again. 


We recommend shipping the lens in a sturdy cardboard box with lots of packing material. Our Factory Service Centers can accept packages from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. We recommend having tracking and insurance on the package. 


Canon has Factory Service Centers across the United States. You can find the one closest to you and get the repair process started HERE


We hope this helps! 



I mentioned checking your AF Servo 1st & AF Servo 2nd settings in your other thread, but you never acknowledged that you checked this.


If your camera and lens are functioning perfectly...  you will still get a noticeable reduction in burst rate if the AF Servo 2nd settting is tuned to priority focus over speed.  And it completely makes sense that this would be more noticeable for a long lens than for a short lens (all movement of the lens is greatly amplified in longer lenses... making it harder to acquire focus.)


In other words there may be nothing wrong with your lens at all... it may just be the camera setting.


I wouldn't send it in until you check that.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da