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Two sided vs. single sided printed using a PIXMA TR7520


Please bear with me on this.  I'm an elderly man and not computer literate.  I'm surprised I made it this far to get in this community chat room.  But with that being said, here it goes...


I have a MacBook Pro laptop.  It's maybe 4-5 years old and it does everything I need for a computer to do.  I have a PIXMA TR7520 printer that has done all my printing thusfar.  like I said, I'm not real smar when it comes to it, but I "think" I'm using MIcrosoft Windows with it, does that sound right?


Anyway, I have a 27 page document in my file that I want to print BUT I do not want to print on both sides, single sided only.  When I press my print icon, I've clicked the "Collate" button both on and off but it still wants to print two sided.


What am I doing wrong?  I there a setting somewhere I can change, or what?


H E L P!!!





The setting you are looking for is likely called 2-Sided printing.  Its located in your print driver and can be configured from Print Preview.  Open the doc, select Print, then make the desired changes to your print settings.  

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