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Pixma TS6220 Ink Absorber Code 1700


After getting message 1700 "Ink absorber is almost full" I was able to remove and clean the ink absorbing pads and reset the counter. The message no longer displays. However, is there a larger ink absorbing unit beneath these pads, that once full, the printer will no longer function? And if so, how long between this initial warning code and failure to print? I realize that may depend on print volume but a ballpark figure say 100 pages, 1000 pages? Last, if there is a waste ink reservoir, can I replace it?



You say " I was able to remove and clean the ink absorbing pads and reset the counter. The message no longer displays." Please advise how. I have a Pixma G4210 and I want to replace before I get dreaded 5B00 message.

I do not recollect; I searched for how to clean the pads and reset the warning message and found some videos on YouTube. However, that proved to be a temporary fix as the message eventually reappeared, and although I performed the same cleaning and resetting procedure as before, the printer did not respond this time. Again, I don't exactly  remember, but maybe I got another month of use out of the printer, but had to replace it in the end. I may be wrong but I think the pads I was able to access were simply small ink absorbers where the print heads rested and underneath was a much larger ink pad that could not be accessed without disassembling the printer. (I made an attempt but failed) When that larger pad became full the printer was bricked.


Hi Geajrpa, I had the same problem with mine today actually it started a few days ago but today it got to the point where it wasn't  even letting the scanner work for some reason and the code would come up whenever I went to preview so I don't know why anything having to do with the printer should effect the scanner but evidently it did. So then I was reading through the  in one guy said that and I think it was actually a rep from cannon said that when you get that. Toad you've got a change the color cartridge and then so ICunnup come up when I will try to do a preview around that just. Then I did some research and it said. Then if I didn't have AI need a replace that color my tank.

It's like make it worse. I don't know why I didn't mean that for the scanner but that's what it said so I was on my way over to go and get. One? When  Found a post here but the CANDIdate community were somebody had gotten some tissue and wiped off the.

Make. Absorbs over and that held to to work for a while so. What that in mind? I decided to pull out my incorporates and look below where they're read and I think of the incomes for plate right below

Which? Is below or the paper lays and above the pink absorber ripe below the incarceration? And I. Look at a closely and there is all this dried up ink on This plate Which has is evenly raised ridges on it and is the width of A shoot of paper which is the rhythm machine of paper and is ripe below where the a kids the inca cartridges print the paper. There was all these ink stains on it the whole width of it. Which? Was I guess where it was absorbing the equine was So I decided that it needed to be clean so I could come to my broken. Feed the global alcohol and education and I really cleaned the heck out of that plate. I put the ink cartridges back in which we would have to reset metabolism evidence for a while. I think I even feel one of them And then I went to word and I went to maintenance and I printed A test pattern finally and now I also notice that that flashing light had gone off so I went back to my scan gear app.

And I opened it and this scanner now is working so I didn't need to and I try it before. I had tried pushing the power button Monday resume button at the same time and holding it down is waiting 5 seconds all that but none of those work Anyway I hope this Helps god bless!