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Pixma MG2220 re installation issue


I've had the MG2220 printer for several years now.  It's been awhile since I've access My Image Garden.  I opened it to receive a message that something was missing and I needed to reinstall.  Which I did.  Many times.  

What is happening is once it gets to the connection detection, it states that the printer is not detected and to make sure it is on and connected.  It always is.  I turn printer off, then back on.  I get the message that printer is now detected and to wait while installation is completed.  A few minutes later, the message that the printer is not detected is up again.  So I start all over again.  Thing is when I go to settings/apps, it shows all the parts are installed.  However, I can't print or scan.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but its the same thing.  Not sure what else to do. Any help would be WONDERFUL!.

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