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PIXMA TS6320 Printer - General Questions


OK, this is going to be a bit weird, but here goes. Thinking that my old HP printer was no longer functional, on Dec 2, 2019, I ordered the Canon PIXMA TS6320 printer. However, my assumption was wrong, and I was able to get the HP printer to work and it still working today. Until today, January 18, 2024, the Canon Printer I purchased in Dec 2019 has remained in the box. Here are my questions, is the TS6320 a totally outdated system? Will it work with a Windows 11 operating system? Are the Canon Ink cartridges for this printer (280 and 281) still in common use and available for purchase. I am asking this because my HP printer uses HP 564 cartridges, which are evidently a dinosaur at this time and seem to be on their way out. I believe fairly soon they will not even be available, as they have already stopped making the XL cartridges other than in black and whereas there used to be multipacks available in the past, this seems to be going the way of the dodo. Sorry for the book, but any information would be helpful to me at this point in time as to whether to start using the TS6320 or chalk it up to a bad decision and buy some newer technology.