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PIXMA TS6020 Showing Wrong Mac Address for Wireless Access Point


We recently upgraded our wirelss system from a single router to a Ubiquiti system that includes four wireless access points. After the new system was installed I sucessfully connected our PIXMA TS6020 printerr to the the nearest access point (#4). The printer worked fine for about 6 weeks. We could print from my Lenovo laptop (which has Windows 10), two iPhones, an Apple laptop, and an Apple iPad. The printer started acting erractically about a week ago. It would print from some devices but not others. Sometimes it would print only part of a document. Now it won't print at all. Yesterday I uninstalled all Canon software from my laptop, deleted the printer, rebooted the laptop, and then reinstalled all the software. I removed printer from the network and reconnected it. I also rebooted the router (the router is part of our system but is not an access point). None of this has fixed the connection problems. When I try to print from the laptop I get an error message stating the printer isn't responding. This morning I removed the printer from the network and reconnected it manually. The printer asked me which wireless access point I wanted to connect to and listed two devices with MAC addresses. Neither of those addresses corresponded with the MAC addresses on any of the access points.The printer should connect to Access Point #4, which is the nearest one, but the printer isn't detecting it (or has the wrong MAC address.) Is there a way to connect the printer where I can type in MAC addresses? 




Ubiquiti offers both cloud and local configuration utilities. 


What are the AP's connected to?  


PoE switch, Gateway, what is performng DHCP?


The 6020 will only connect to a 2.4Ghz broadcast.  


It doesn't matter which AP you connect the printer to as long as the wireless signal is reliable.


If it were me, I would reserve an IP address for the printer outside of my DHCP pool.  


Example DHCP Pool - ~


Printers are assigned IP's: HP Pixma 100


These IP's are reserved by the printers MAC address.


I have added the printer to my networked devices by IP.


The printer's IP's are persistent.  They do not change.  A device on my network, wired or wireless (phone, tablet, MAC, PC, etc) can always find a printer at it's known IP (destination).

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Thanks Rick. I will try using a dedicated IP address.

We finally got the printer to connect to the network by rebooting the Ubiquiti Cloud Key. It took several tries. Also, I had to change the printer settings on my laptop, assigning a port (the printer's IP address.)

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