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PIXMA TS3322 How to copy in BW with empty color cartridge


My color ink cartridge is empty and I need to print something and make a copy of something. I wouldn't be using color at all, just bw copies and prints. But it's not letting me.  The "color ink" orange light is blinking and code is E16 which I believe is color cartridge low.  I tried to take out the cartridge and leave empty and still won't let me.  I tried to put back in and still won't let me.  I've never had issues with printing on a low color cartridge. The black ink is a brand new cartridge.  Another code is E04. I'm unable to get cartridge for a couple days but really need to print/ scan.  Any suggestions? 



I'm not a tech, but I'll help where I can!

Both cartridges MUST be in the printer. 

To print in black, see this article:

To copy in only black, place your original on the platen glass (the glass copy bed) and press the black copy button (the top diamond button). HERE are the instructions with images.

OH, and to bypass the ink warning to scan:

"...You can disable the ink detection system with the empty ink cartridges or tanks installed by pressing the Stop button on the printer for at least five (5) seconds and then releasing it...."

taken from HERE