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PIXMA TR8620a won't print from rear tray


Printer TR8620a no longer will print from the rear tray.

If I put plain paper in the rear tray, the printer accepts my settings, and prints, but uses the cassette paper instead of from the rear tray.

If I empty the cassette and try again, the printer beeps and states “ the following paper is not loaded in the rear tray” “plain paper”.

When I put photo paper in the rear tray and adjust the settings accordingly, the printer screen reads “The following paper is not loaded in the rear tray” “plain paper”.

It looks like the printer is not recognizing whatever is in the rear tray.

Error 2114 does not really help because I need to use photo paper almost exclusively and thus the rear tray is needed for my work. The bypass solution is not practical for me.

Besides just replacing the printer how can I fix this?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Silver35,

I can assist you with resolving this issue, but would need a little more information.

Are you printing from a computer?  If so, what version of Windows is installed on your computer?

If you are using a Mac, what version of the operating system is installed?

I look forward to your reply.




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