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PIXMA MX870 says paper is jammed but there is no paper in it


I keep getting an error message that says the rear paper is jammed. There is no paper in the machine anywhere. This printer is only a month old.


I had the same problem. I used a piece of cardstock that was the same size as a regular piece of printer paper and manually ran it through the paper feed by hand and gently pulled it out the other end and out came a tiny plastic wrapper. Printer working fine now. Try that and see if it works for you. 

Very useful tip- I have an MP240 and had just bought new ink catridges when paper jam came up. Tried numerous things then I tried this and a dining knife came out!! Saved me from having to purchase a new printer, so thanks for posting.

apparently this is a problem across the board of models. well, out it goes, gotta get another HP I guess. Can't anyone make something that always does what it's supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less? I'm sick of the throwaway bs.

I read the posts on this site and had the same issue.  I kept getting a message that I had a Code 1300 paper jam and it took me thought the steps of opening the front cover and moving the ink cartridges and looking for a paper jam and then how to pull it out gently.  I could not find anything jammed, even with a flashlight.  I tried unplugging it and turning it back on and no help there.  I finally took out the paper trays and looked behind them with my flashlight!  Sure enough!  There was a whole sheet of paper jammed in back there.  The directions on the screen didn't mentioned taking out the paper trays and looking for a paper jam back there!.  I plugged it back in and after it did some cleaning for a bit, I can now print again.  I know how frustrating these things can be, so I wanted to offer my solution for everyone else!

JM, Paralegal

Well this was a long time ago and i don't know if you get this message.  I am having the same problem but i don't understand where you are removing the paper trays from?  This is such a flimsy piece of machinery i don't want to force anything.


I have the same error.


I have a brand new Cannon Imageclass mf733cdw.


I print my daily calendar on a custom size cardsrock card.  It was working but now everytime I print it gives me a paper jam error.  It does print the calendar.  There is no paper jam.  


I have to press next and open the back and close the back before I can print again.



I gave up and bought a new printer. Not a canon



@Naomi wrote:

Hello fiveaugers!


To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know which model printer you own. That way, our Canon Forum members and our Subject Matter Experts will be able to assist you with paper jam troubleshooting and suggestions specific to your printer model.



I have Pixma MG3000 series. I have had it about 6 months - a replacement for the previous one that couldn't feed the paper through the printer correctly  while still under a year old - and under warranty. Today the warning light on the replacement printer started flashing 3 times in a row. there is no error code on the screen as i wasn't actually attempting to print something. however, it won't allow me to print or scan anything. even if i did have a paper jam  why wouldn't i be able to scan? According to your trouble shooting guide it says if there is no paper jammed in the unit i need to take it to my nearest service center. Really? 


I just bought fresh ink for this printer. i just wasted $50.


I have had printer issues with virtually every brand out there, canon, hp, epson, brother. none last more than 1-2 years and inevitably have issues right after i buy new ink. the obvious solution is to pay staples to print my docs - the over all cost per page comes out cheaper when you consider the number of docs i print, the cost of regularly replacing printers and the cost of ink and paper. I know many who feel the solution is to buy a new printer instead of buying replacement ink (printers are often cheaper). Unfortunately, electronics are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of separately - and the plastic parts only adds to the junk piling up in our landfills. ink is hazardous waste as well. so much for the environment.



in this increasingly paperless society the printer is going the way of the CD player. we really don't need you anymore. 

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