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MY PIXMA iP4000 not printing--paper feeds and steps through but only blank pages


The printer sounds like it is printing----you can hear the print head moving---but nothing prints....

pages are completely blank. Reseated the connections, no effect. Took out all the cartridges, reseated

them, no effect. Still only prints blank pages. Connected it to another computer, same---only blank

pages...nothing, not even a test page or nozzle page will print. Any ideas? Was working fine

on Monday when I went out of town until Friday. When I tried to print on Saturday morning, only

blanks pages. Just spent a small fortune on ink for the printer and would hate to trash the

printer, but can't justify spending more than the price of a new one to have the old one fixed.

PS The printer is connected to my USB port, as it was for the past several years when it worked

fine. Totally stumped/


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello nerdman.


Unfortunately, if the printouts remain blank after the steps you have performed, additional troubleshooting will have to be done to narrow down the cause of your issue.  Please contact our support group using the link below for additional assistance.

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Thanks, Michael, however, I was on the phone with Canon for some time, and could not get the printer to do anything even off line. Was told the iP4000 is over 8 years old and there are no parts available to repair it.

So I have already replaced the printer with an iP2702 that was on sale at a nearby

mass merchandise store. I was intending to replace the iP4000 eventually anyway, as the red was

not printing as vividly as it once did...more like a purple. Thought at first it was because I was using

3rd party ink, but even after replacing the magenta cartridge with "genuine Canon", the red was still

not as vivid as when it was new.

Unfortunately,as you know,  the iP2702  got uses a more expensive combined color cartrdige

rather than the separate ones in the iP4000.

I am suspecting the reported failure of my iP4000 to print may be due to the third party cartridges

which I was told do not contain a "chip" as do Canon cartrdiges and that may signal to the printer

 to suppress printing.

Strange, as I have been using 3rd party cartridges for some time prevbiously without any problem.  

H. Singer

Sorry, but I believe the problem is due to 3rd party cartrdiges. I already bought a new Canon Printer, iP2702

as it was cheaper than either fixing or replacing the iP4000. Thanks for the suggestions