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Canon G5020 - I need to drain the Magenta Tank - How can I do that?


I accidentally put the wrong canon magenta ink in the printer and need to drain it out.

Please help.

Thank you,




PIXMA G4210 experience, 5 year old model — My wife was struck with unexplained "brain cramp'; incorrectly filled Yellow Tank with Magenta ink; fortunately realized error before printing anew!?
Canon Support (ALL CANON PHONE NUMBERS) were rude, non-existent, refused to talk with me (at ANY price); insisted that product was "not registered', although the product clearly shows it IS properly registered in my online account!? Terrible support!
By probing the ink tank, I determined that an opening to bottom of tank was @ 'nearest left corner' (from front of printer) of tank (i.e., not straight in).
Purchased Amazon 6 Pcs Blunt Tip Dispensing Needle 14 Gauge x 5" with 3 Pcs 30ml Disposable Syringe ($9). Worked perfectly; extracted 50ml+ of ink easily.
Ran some 'Deep Cleaning'; printed several pages of solid yellow file; refilled yellow tank after it ran dry; everything appears to be fine!

Hi, cedarspring.

I'm so sorry to hear that someone at Canon was rude to you. That's not normal behavior. 

Genuine Canon ink bottles should be keyed to prevent them from going into the wrong ink tank. 

I need to ensure you know that our primary technical support phone number is 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). Printer support is only available during the week, and our phone system will only let you speak with an agent if you're entitled to phone support. That means you're within the warranty period or paid for support before you call. Our agents aren't allowed to take payments over the phone. That is to protect your payment information. You can verify your support entitlements within your Canon Account at 

Stephen —
Thank you for your reply. I am a bit puzzled by some of the information you provided,

You wrote - "Genuine Canon ink bottles should be keyed to prevent them from going into the wrong ink tank."
I am sitting looking at genuine Canon ink bottles - GI-290<M>; GI-290<C>; GI-290<Y>. ALL of these bottles appear to me to be EXACTLY ALIKE in construction - except for the labels?? WHERE IS THE "KEY"??
If you are calling the color & printing on the labels as being "KEYS", I find that description truly misleading. Please advise!

I searched, diligently, for almost an hour, for a link that WOULD ALLOW ME to pay for support. I could not find such a link. I honestly believe that Canon US hides that link in order to NOT provide support to consumers.
I called (800-652-2666); I specifically asked the agent FOR THE LINK that would provide me the opportunity to PAY for information. That agent refused to read the link; that agent refused to email said link. I find that RUDE! That agent told me that MY PRODUCT WAS NOT REGISTERED — that is/was NOT TRUE — AND the agent was not receptive to my explanation of same.
ALL I wanted was a diagram of the "interior construction" of the ink tanks in G4210. This is NOT "trade secrets". Any competitor could buy a unit & disassemble same to learn your "trade secrets".

I checked again — I cannot find the link you provided — — in ANY google searches for help with Canon products?! If you can provide google search terms that will result in this link, PLEASE ADVISE???

I find your statement "Our agents aren't allowed to take payments over the phone. That is to protect your payment information." to be totally misleading and deceptive.
You seem to be saying that Canon primary technical support agents are, inherently, untrustworthy, cannot be trusted with customer payment information, and are indeed "security threats". This is truly ABSURD!

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