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"Couldn't find item" after Importing to Smartphone w/ Camera Connect


Hi everyone, brand new here! Just bought a Rebel T8i, yay!


Installed Camera Connect on my Huawei P30, and I succesfully paired it to the Rebel with Bluetooth and connected with Wi-Fi, but I accidentally chose the wrong Photo App right out of the gate, and unfortunately in my haste I also clicked "always use" and I couldn't figure out how to go back and reassign that. Any suggestions on how to do that, for one?


I am wondering if this is the reason why, after trying to import an image from the camera to the phone, it says "image saved" but when I click "Open Photo App" the phone seems to quickly "blink" a photo app, but then switches immediately back to the home screen of Camera Connect, with a message at the bottom that says "Couldn't Find Item"


I went back and reinstalled the app and re-paired the phone all from scratch --- or so I tried: it never gave me that original option to select which photo app I wished to use like it did the first time, and the same thing keeps happening when I try to import a camera image.


Hope that makes sense, and I hope it's something really simple I'm overlooking. Thanks in advance for any help! 






Search Google for Reset Application Defaults.  This will allow yout to clear the ""default action" you set to perform a function or action.  Now you can designate another.  


Uninstalling and reinstalling an app doesn't affect the default action you set for the other app incorrectly.

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Thanks. That did help me reset the default app, but in the end it didn't make a difference, same problem... I import the image, it says "image saved" and gives me the prompt to Open Photo App and when I choose a Photo App, it goes back to the home page of Camaera Connect and says "Image Not Found" at the bottom. I'm stumped.