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Using a USB Switcher For Live Streaming (Webcam Utility Pro)


I'm looking to use a USB switcher to switch between cameras during a live stream rather than relying on a WiFi signal to switch to my second camera.

Does the Webcam Utility Pro software allow this?

I'm looking to purchase this device to use as a switcher


It'd be good to hear from anyone else who has tried it.

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I think the device may not live up to its claims. I think it is a waste of money.  That is not how video signals work.  USB is likely to introduce a switching delay as the connection to a new USB device is established.  

If you wish to switch between video sources, then use an actual video sources, not USB devices.  I suggest that you buy a real video switcher that uses HDMI signals in and out.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

It appears to be a USB-C KVM switch, so it might work with computer monitors, but I don't know about live camera video.

(Note that USB-C carries video signals, just like HDMI or composite video out)

I’ve always thought USB protocols were always serial data, meaning no parallel data bus.


"The right mouse button is your friend."

The switching in that device seems to be purely electronic, not mechanical, even though a mechanical switch is used to initiate a switch.

Simply because one device is being disconnected from the single port on the computer and another device being connected to it, I would expect for their to always be glitch, hiccup, or most likely some time delay when switching devices.  

But all of this may be moot because the device appears to be out of stock.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

USB-C carries the concept of "streams" so you have multiple channels of data along the same cable. A USB-C cable can carry video data and say, hard drive data at the same time. It is entirely possible for this switch to pull out USB-C video data and switch it to another USB-C port.

That being said, I don't know that Canon cameras send full fidelity video and audio via the USB-C port.


Thank you I really appreicate the response - that makes perfect sense and will be lambasting the individual who made such an idiotic suggestion to me.

I'll be looking to purchase the Rode Streamer X (I'm worried about the audio for live events) - I'm just going to see if the Canon software will enable me to use multicam...

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