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Can Camera and Lens Firmware be Updated via DPP or EOS Utility?


Or must the firmware be downloaded to a storage card? Thanks!



DPP is an editor.

You can use the EOS Utility

 For FW Updates (EOS Utility) > Camera's FW yes.  Lens FW, no.

Neither is a complicated procedure, and both include easy to follow instructions.  

I do it manually.  Copying the FW to the SD card myself and performing the update. 

Everyone should have a card reader in their kit.  Its a helpful and efficient way to transfer images, video and FW to and from a camera's memory card.  SD Card readers are generally about $7~$13 dollars.  You can get them at Target, Amazon or Best Buy.

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I think that while you can use the EOS Utility to upgrade camera firmware, you are less likely to have any problems copying the firmware file to your memory card and doing it in-camera. If your USB cable disconnects during a firmware update, using the utility, you could make your camera unusable, requiring repair. Take Rick's suggestion and use your memory card for firmware updates.

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