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Camera Connect app - videos very dark - help!


Hello all, 


I have been using my G7X Mk2 for a while and really enjoying it. I am using it primarily for video but I have noticed that any video I take, when I'm transferring it to my iPhone via the camera connect app, the videos are so dark! I can lighten them in post but it just doesn't look right. FYI the videos in the camera look perfect - it's only when they've been transferred to my phone they look v dark. 


Is there a setting on my camera I need to change? I cannot find any info online so I am really hoping someone has experienced this issue and can help me. 


Thank you! 





Hi, Chloe!

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How do the videos look when viewed on a monitor that has the brightness, contrast and gamma adjusted properly? The videos may in fact be underexposed.


Also check the brightness setting for the LCD display on your camera as well as your phone. These could also be causing additional confusion. Your video may be properly exposed but appear over or under exposed on the LCD and/or your phone. The camera's LCD isn't usually the most accurate way to check for proper exposure.


Are you manually setting your exposure for video?


I have a PowerShot ELPH 180 I bought to use to take pictures for ebay. I can't find the software and the Canon website is apparently being updated. I'm not sure when I will have the time to call them. Can anyone here direct me? I goggled the info and came to a page, but I am unable to double click to download the software.


Looking at  the pictures I have taken on the phone, they don't look very impressive. Will the software help? Did I buy the wrong camera for what I need it for?


Any quidance would be appreciated!



@bolson61 wrote:

Looking at  the pictures I have taken on the phone, they don't look very impressive. Will the software help? Did I buy the wrong camera for what I need it for?



Try this link to find any downloads that are applicable to your camera. Though if you are looking for a download for image editing software you're likely to be left wanting. The software that is offered is essentially to allow you to download your images from the camera to your computer via USB cable.


Depending on the level of quality required, your camera may be more than adequate for taking pictures for Ebay. But it doesn't give you much on the way of manual controls so it may require some experimenting on your part with lighting and /or exposure compensation to get the results you're looking for. Some basic editing software will prove helpful as well if even just for things like cropping and resizing. And trying to judge the quality of your images on your phone's LCD probably isn't the best approach.


Responding to the original poster, I don't see that there would be an exposure problem when transferring the video file from the Powershot G7 X Mark II to an iPhone. I just did it here and for me it looked darker than the exposure on my camera because my iPhone screen brightness is turned down. Exposure looked okay once I turned up my screen brightness. This would be something simple to check especially if you are also working on your video in post on your phone.

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