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recommendations for canon 6d mark ii


I’m buying my friend some camera equipment for Christmas and I have no knowledge of cameras and am looking for help. She had the Canon 6D mark ii and focuses mainly on outdoor portrait photography or indoor wedding photography   Recently a photographer mentor told her to purchase a soft box to better light her outdoor photos and I wanted to buy her an external flash but have no idea what is compatible and what will work.  It needs to be portable so she can be outside and I’m not sure if it needs a trigger source. The internet had been helpful on giving suggestions I just want to make sure it’s compatible with her camera and what would work best. I think she already has an extra flash so that’s why I was thinking softbox   Help :)) 



IMHO, indoor setups should stay indoors because they tend to easily blow over.  I have seen this happen to more than one wedding photographer.  What does this mentor recommend?

I would also start an online chat with the experts at B&H for the fastest and best answers.  The first question that you will be asked around here is what is your budget.

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Actually, a B&H gift card might be nice. I know I would not want someone buying kit for me.

Definitely agree with Kvbarkley!   First, you are getting into dangerous territory in getting gear for someone with specific needs, especially when you are not familiar with photography.  Second, a gift card may well have more value in the post-Christmas sales, so your friend can go out and have fun choosing what they want (and can add money if required to get the gear of their choice) and save money at the same time.  If you get the wrong thing it sours the experience and they then have to go back and try to exchange it or get the money back.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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