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Is the 2x Extender or 1.4x extender really worth it?


So I had recently bought a 2x extender and used it with my 70-200mm 2.8L III EF and i wasn’t impressed whatsoever. I shoot with a R6Markii and the quality of the photo was just as good as me shooting without it. After comparison, all I did was zoom in the photo in photoshop/lightroom without the e
xtender and to me the photos look the same in quality.
Is it just me or do you really need an extender if your camera already had a high megapixel count? Are extenders actually worth the buy? Did I do something wrong or am I just not seeing the big picture? (Pun intended)



On a whole, TC's can extend reach, but this comes at the cost of IQ and AF performance.  I wouldn't have tried to extend an adapted EF mount to my R series camera.  You'd be better off buying a RF 100-400 in this case.  While the light gathering ability of the lens is less, the image quality would be identical using a native lens.  I have 2 TC's, a Sigma 1.4x for EF and a Canon 1.4x for RF.  Both are used infrequently.  I'd recommend a tripod and would not use unless I had to.  I view a TC as a "just in case" accessory.  

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