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My FS10 will only play sound and no video picture when imported to computer


Please help with this! My Canon FS10 will only play sound and no video when I try to play them back on my PC. I have tried using different programs and tried converting the video file to an AVI with no luck. I also tried using the internal memory and USB and the memory card. Same problem with both..



If I read the manual correctly, it appears that the video is recorded in the MPEG-2 format.  What coverter software have you tried?  Have you tried Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip?  Have you considered trying to convert the video as MP4 or some other format other than AVI?  I only ask because AVI files tend to be a bit large.  What program are you using to view the videos?  Something like the VLC player may help with playback.  Are you getting error messages when trying to playback on the computer?  Have you used the Canon software (PIXELA ImageMixer) to view or convert the videos?


Sorry for so many questions but I am just trying to narrow it down to what might actually fix the problem.