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Has anyone deleted video off their Canon camcorder? How do you recover video off your hard drive


By accident I've deleted video content off my Vixia HF21 Camcorder.  What is the best way to recover the video content. I know it can be done, but I don't know of the best software to use.  Anyone else dumb enough to do this like I have?  I thought I was deleting a playlist and deleted everything....and by everything...I mean like a years worth of video.  Ughhhh.



You can try to run some recovery software like Recuva and see where that gets you......Recuva by Piriform

Ran Recuva last night.  Unless I did something wrong....It didnt RECUVA anything.  It found files, but gave a message:

Fat 32, 60.26GB cluster size, 32768. Found 0 files, 934 ignored in 5009 sec.  This was after the extended scan also.


I had a similar problem. I was really worried when I accidentally deleted videos off my Canon Camcorder. After trying MTS-Recovery tool I get back all most photos easily. So, you can try the one to recover lost videos from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC or other camcorder. [Mod note - changed link name, this is not a Canon tool and does not include the Canon name in the software title.]

My SD card was deleted by accident while editing in camera. 

CardRescue got the .MTS files for me and then I had to convert them using another program MacX Video Converter Pro. That worked. Trouble is, it got 482 files! Lucky I have Blu-Ray Player 2 and found that if I double clicked on a MTS file it played it so I could find what I wanted fast. 


i have ever happened this problem, and now it solved, here is a canon camcorder recovery i haved used to recovery deleted videos from canon camcorder.

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