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Forced 1080p60 Canon HF R400


This is what I have:
Canon HF R400
Blackmagic Mini Converters HDMI to SDI
Blackmagic Decklink Duo


I had to call Canon to verify, which I have done. The Canon HF R400 does NOT give you the option to force 1080i60. Canon says if the camcorder detects that your HDTV supports 1080p60 the HDMI will output at 1080p60, otherwise, it outputs at 1080i60.

Now with that said, I'm using a Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter to Decklink Duo. Whatever the camcorder is detecting it's giving me 1080p60 and there is no way to force it to 1080i60.  The converter is able to handle the 1080p60 signal and down convert, but the Desklink Duo is not compatible with the 1080p60 directly.

I was playing around and changed in the settings section of BM Converter Utility - "Down Converter Set:" from OFF to anamorphic 16:9. I got a feed in Wirecast!!! Still would not come up in BM Media Express. However, in Wirecast under the Source Setttings I noticed the video format as 525i/59.94 NTSC/ 720x486. NOT the 1080 I want.

I’m stuggleing with two issues:


  1.  I love that the camcorder was less then $300 and wonder if I could live with the 525i/59.54 NTSC/720x486.
  2. I would prefer to have at the very least 720i.  I would need to RMA the camcorders and now get WHAT??  Any suggestions?  We don’t need them for recording – we only need them for live streaming.

Is there a similar inexpensive Canon camcorder that you can select 1080i as the output for HDMI output.