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Canon hf-g25 and hf-g30: flickering, horizontal bars and image jumping


Hello together
First of all, I would like to say that I do not have much experience in filming. However, I have read a lot in the last few weeks and have familiarized myself with the subject.

I have a problem with the hf-g25 and hf-g30 camcorders. The location is switzerland, europe and i bought also the camcorders in switzerland (The legria types).

The camcorders are used for a livestream for DJ sets. I have a few problems with this:

1. picture flickering with illuminated buttons on cd-player.
2. horizontal lines, blurred picture
3. low sharpness
4. after turning off the camcorder, the settings are reset

1: I can't get the picture to flicker free. With hf-g 25 (25fps, progressive) and hf-g 30 (50fps, progressive) it has the same problem. I've tried different shutter speeds. From the image flicker, it works at a shutter speed of 1/25 (with a blurred image by movements, of course). But already at 1/50 the flickering of the LED's of the CD player illumination starts. This is not satisfactory for me, because it is important, that there is a liquid picture (especially by the spinning turntables). The effect already exists on the LCD screen of the camcorder, so it must be related to a setting in the camcorder. I have tried the whole menu, even in full manual mode, but I can't get it to work. HELP!

2: With faster frame changes (e.g. when spinning the turntable) such lines appear. This looks as if a NTSC format was selected.....

3: The camcorder hf-g 30 is mounted directly above the DJ mixer. The camcorder is backlit with 2 tungsten spotlights (backoven paper was used as diffuser). The distance to the mixing desk is about 130cm. I still can't get the picture sharp! I have also tried here all the possibilities in manual mode for days and have given up.... Despite the relatively good illumination, the CD player lighting in the picture is so bright that it is out of focus. How can I solve this problem???

4: when I turn off the camcorder, all my settings are always lost, is there somewhere to save them? I saw a menu item called 'backup settings'. Can I save the settings there so that they are automatically loaded when I turn on the camcorder?

Thanks for your time, I'm really stuck with these problems.

many greetings from switzerland



anyone? please help!

Rising Star
Rising Star

The LED flickering or pulsing is caused by the way LEDs work and the shutter speed of the camera. Unless the shutter speed is exactly matched to the LEDs there is not a lot you can do.

As to the lines in the picture it sounds as if you have selected an interlaced recording format instead of a progressive one. Make sure that it has a "p" in the frame rate you select such as 108050p and not108050i.

As to blurred images shoot in as high a bit rate as you can, and in lowlight scenarios autofocus will have trouble so you may need to focus manually. Also, make sure you are far enough away from your subject to be within the lens's minimum focusing distance. You can always move back and use the zoom.

As to saving the camera settings, when I had a G40 you could save the settings to one of the SD cards and reload them as and when. I don't know if the 25 or 30 offer this.

PS. I've just had a thought about the lines issue. If you are using the HDMI output for streaming this is usually interlaced regardless of what the camera is set to. My C100 does just this as did my G40. In this case you need an external device to perform what is called a 2:2 pulldown to get a progressive output. I record via HDMI to my Atomos Ninja 2 which applies that pulldown for me.


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